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Deployed in fewer numbers than was the case across Europe, parachute units such as the famed 11th Airborne Division and the rd Parachute Infantry Regiment operated in harsh terrain, over long distances against a determined enemy in the most extreme situations.

Japanese American Soldiers in the US Army During WW2 - Military Training Film - 1943

Les mer. These parachute regiments were involved in some of the most significant combat situations in the Pacific, recapturing Corregidor Island, invading the Aleutians and the first troops to arrive in Japan before its surrender. One Tough Marine. First Sergeant Donald N. The Doolittle Raid Howard Gerrard. The Fight in the Clouds. James P. Vought F4 Corsair. Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam. Oscar E. Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors. Robert H.

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World War 2 In Review No. Merriam Press. B Superfortress Units of World War 2. Mark Styling. David R. Marine Recon — Yves J. The M3 "Grease Gun". Chronicles of a Marine Rifleman.

Herb Brewer. Captain Moyers S. Con Thien. Mark Henry. The US Marine Corps since Lee E Russell. War Stories of the Infantry. William N Hess. Stephen L. Alfred Price. General Donn A. Major Greg A. B Superfortress Units of the Korean War. Armed Forces Arsenal. Samuel A.

Developments from summer 1944 to autumn 1945

M APC — Jamie Prenatt. M50 Ontos and M56 Scorpion — Kenneth W Estes. American Bomber Crewman — Gregory Fremont-Barnes. B Superfortress vs Ki "Tojo". Donald Nijboer. Lieutenant T. Baird wrote to his old friends at the Asheville Bakery Company in October, about his new life in India:. Travel, adventures, strange lands, and all that sort of thing.

I have long hours. Hardly ever get out of the office before at night and begin again at Combat training was hazardous. We had to crawl through tightly strung barbed wire for yards, with machine gun bullets going right over your head. Lots of guys got hit on the helmet, but I dug a trench through the ground with my nose. Combat, of course, brought its own special experience. Consider this extraordinary story, told by First Lieutenant Rodger A. Grant, Jr. Grant, a P pilot, had been shot down over New Guinea, on September 21, I was in the jungle eighteen days and walked approximately one hundred and twenty-five miles.

The country is very similar to the Smoky Mountains except the mountains are covered with jungle instead of laurel.

Session 2: From Training Camp to Battlefield

All the woodcraft, camping, etc. For the most part, the trip would be like walking over the mountains from say Robbinsville to Cataloochie. All in all it was an enjoyable trip. I landed on the side of a mountain, climbed down out of the trees, wrapped up in the chute to sleep. Next day sighted a Jap camp and assumed the whole area under enemy influence. Lived on chocolate and slept in the day and walked at night for six days.

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Finally decided I was far enough away to approach natives, so did so and found them very friendly. Lieutenant Alexander Simpson, Company D. As we approached the enemy shore through heavy seas. I guess it was a little of both. Searchlights from the enemy shore proved that our approach was known to them.

US Airborne Units in the Pacific Theater –45 by Gordon L. Rottman - Book - Read Online

Naval batteries and shore batteries answered one another. You could see tracer bullets whiz down the beach in enfilade fire. An infantryman in the 30th Division in Belgium, January Nicknamed the "Old Hickory Division," the 30th had more soldiers from North Carolina than any other single unit in the war.

If only the war could end and it looks like it will soon. We are all sweating it out and I know you are too. We can only hope and pray for that happy day.. At military training camps all of these soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines had shared the common experience of basic training. They passed, counting their footsteps in ringing ordered tones.

Laden with haversacks, they passed in perfect order. Their lines were even, their marching co-ordinated and confident. Their uniforms no longer bore the awkward stamp. Their caps were cocky but correct and their neckties were tucked between the right two buttons. The cadence count is the scheme of the battery commander who feels proud of the men he has trained, who wants to show them off to the higher-ups in Center Headquarters.

Just as their arrival marks an emotional ebb, their departure is the flood tide. The men who came in a few weeks ago, green and terrified, leave now as soldiers. Although they are glad that they have been trained with other men on the same level here, the training center which was first a vast and awful place is now just a training center, all right in its way—for rookies. They themselves have outgrown their kindergarten.

They see the commanding general standing on the side lines with his aide.

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He is no longer an ogre out of Washington who might, for all they know, have the power of life and death over them to administer it at a whim. He is the commanding general, a good soldier and a good fellow.

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The band is at the railroad siding, this time to see them off with a flourish. They pay more attention to the band this time. They hum the tune as they board the Shanghai Express. They board the train and they sit waiting for it to take them to their permanent Army post and their part in the war. You can see their faces tightening a little, and a gently melancholy look come into their eyes as the trombone wails beneath the current of the music.