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With 5G digital infrastructure in place, the possibility of the big global 5G winners being European increases dramatically.

The Summer That Busted Myths About Europe

First of all, 5G and digitalization must be viewed as a critical part of European national infrastructures — every bit as vital as trains and roads. The US and China already do so. Then there is spectrum availability. The current view on spectrum auctions seems to simply be based on generating the highest tax income for the government.

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Instead, it should be focused on which outcome builds out the infrastructure the fastest to create the most benefits. We also need to extend the lifetime of spectrum licenses to enhance investment certainty among operators. In the latter years of a license period operators lose incentive to invest in leveraging new technology when there is uncertainty over the future of the license and spectrum use.

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Many European consumers spend more in coffee shops per-week than on mobile broadband per-month. It is also interesting to note that Europe has more than operators - limiting the scale of each operator. Europe, the original leader in mobility, needs to get back in the competitive technology race — and fast. Its innovators, businesses, industries, and citizens deserve nothing less.

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  • Europe and 5G: Address the reality -- not the myths. Europe has played "catch-up" for long enough. May 20, Hashtags 5G 5GinEurope. Share this page. Myths vs reality Puzzling then, that there is a myth that we are behind in 5G roll-out and 5G technology.

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    The EU maintains an amazing list of myths about the EU

    The real issue The real issue on 5G delay in Europe relates primarily to regulatory policies. Therefore, the support for 4G in the U. This spells disaster not just for the climate, but also for communities and ecosystems all along the gas supply chain. The gas industry is not going to plan for its own demise, which makes it imperative that governments do so, and in a way that protects workers. Truly renewable gas is hydrogen from excess renewable electricity or locally produced and small-scale biogas made from sustainable biomass. Either the EU keeps its neocolonial mantle and imports it instead of fossil gas or, more likely, imports more fossil gas claiming to be able to decarbonise it.

    Read the full briefing here. Read Part 2: The industry lobby behind so-called renewable gas.

    Five myths about Europe that need busting before the British general election

    We are a small team that works fully independently of funding from the EU, governments, political parties and corporations. Every single donation helps us fight the hold of Big Business over the EU. Search this site. Facebook Twitter Mail Print.

    The 7 myths industry uses to sell us so-called renewable gas