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It also refers to the efficient and effective management of money funds in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization. It is the specialized function directly associated with the top management.

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The significance of this function is not seen in the 'Line' but also in the capacity of the 'Staff' in overall of a company. It has been defined differently by different experts in the field. The term typically applies to an organization or company's financial strategy, while personal finance or financial life management refers to an individual's management strategy.

It includes how to raise the capital and how to allocate capital, i. Not only for long term budgeting, but also how to allocate the short term resources like current liabilities. It also deals with the dividend policies of the share holders. For new enterprises, it is important to make a good estimation on costs, sales.

There are fixed and current sides of assets balance sheet. Fixed assets refers to assets that cannot be converted into cash easily, like plant, property, equipment etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Management accounting Financial accounting Financial audit.

Typical areas with upskilling potential include, for instance, analytics for IFRM purposes. Strong analytical capabilities allow analyzing and commenting based on in-depth business knowledge on how to best resolve the inherent trade-offs of IFRM. To balance the trade-offs resulting from profitability and growth aspirations, while fulfilling relevant constraints at the same time, IFRM can rely on a set of specific methods. They comprise in particular capital allocation, balance sheet optimization and funds transfer pricing as well as scenario analysis, funding mix and RWA optimization.

Banks have shifted their approach to allocate capital based on the economic capital perspective to hybrid capital definitions incorporating, for instance, RWA and leverage ratio denominator in a combined way to better reflect bottleneck constraints in their resource allocation decisions. Our experience shows that most banks have already embarked on the journey to embed these capabilities in their processes, but struggle with the complexity of the underlying models. One example of a European top 50 bank illustrates the typical challenges: the bank recently launched a project to introduce a sophisticated simulation methodology to allow for comprehensive balance sheet optimization.

This method per se required iterative simulations to maximize performance given the desired ambition level in certain scenarios.

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In a first instance, the project failed as a very large number of external and internal input parameters had been collected and connected with net interest income and cost parameters. On top of that, risk and resource constraints were not considered in the initial design. With a relaunch of the project, aiming to find the right level of abstraction by reducing the number of input parameters, and at the same time adding risk and other constraint elements, a powerful method was developed.

IFRM processes cover an entire cycle from setting long-term aspirations for constraints to the analysis of current resource usage and allocation. Deriving the long-term aspiration is a starting point for any financial resource allocation decision. The targets should be closely linked to the risk appetite that the bank has defined. To support operational planning and plan validations, these targets must be broken down to the lines of business and linked with value drivers external and internal.

By incorporating the key IFRM metrics into the regular reporting processes, classical control-and-manage processes can be triggered, e. A key success factor to enable an effective and efficient performance dialog is a combination of standardized reports enhanced by in-depth analytics of the current performance. A typical pitfall can be observed in extensive customized reports that lead to discussions about the figures themselves.

Based on our observations, insufficient data and IT system limitations are among the main challenges banks need to master when introducing IFRM. So far, we have seen no bank that has implemented such an ecosystem on a fully-fledged basis.

(DOC) Managing Financial Resources and Decisions | suzana rubayet -

However, we see promising initiatives to surmount the current shortcomings that could be leveraged for IFRM. Among those initiatives, one can name BCBS and the concept of an information factory. With regulatory driven initiatives such as BCBS , banks are obliged to integrate finance and risk data and have a profound understanding of data lineage across various systems.

The information factory concept is a more technically driven approach to enhance data quality and availability. This concept drives the industrialization of data provision and represents an essential step towards digitalization in finance and risk. The selection and implementation of such engines is closely linked to the methodical aspects of simulation capabilities like the intended application scope e. Typically, when selecting a simulation engine, banks are forced into a trade-off decision between flexibility on the one hand and standardized logic delivered with the solution on the other hand.

The latest financial crisis and the following myriad of newly introduced regulatory initiatives, which increased both the extent and the overall complexity of capital, liquidity and other funding requirements, have demonstrated the importance of managing scarce financial resources within banks in a holistic manner.

This will help determine it profitability as well as help track and manage it expenditure properly. This information can be generate by it various system including the financial management system and costing system, The organizations also need information relating to regulation of financial management in health and social care such as taxation. This would enable it to manage it financial resources in a manner that is compliance with different regulation and requirement. All the information requires for the management of financial resources is easily available both from internal source such as from financial management system cash flow management system etc as well as from external environment.

For instance information relating to corporate tax is easily accessible from homeland revenue 1.

This regulation set principle, procedure and system that are meant to protect service user, to ensure organizations fulfil their financial obligation toward government etc. The applicable regulations to care tech include 1. Payment of taxes by HM revenue 2. Requirement By monitors relating to licensing and price tariffs 3. Financial statement preparation requirement by financial reporting council 4. Requirement to safety and quality of services by CQC. Payment of taxes by HM revenue The government through the HM revenue and custom do collect money inform of taxes from individual and corporation to fund it activities.

HM revenue and custom is responsible for administering the system in UK including setting tax level and different type of taxes The Tax requirement as set by HM revenue and custom do affects caretech plc as it is required to pay different taxes including corporate tax which is paid out company profit, capital gain tax which is paid when an organization make some gain by disposing it investment among other type of taxes, remittance of Pay as you earn taxes among other Requirement by monitor Monitor is the health and social care industry regulator.

It set regulation for health and care organization relating to prices traffic, competition and licensing. Care Tech plc being a company under health and social sector is thus required to complies with licensing requirement, adhere to pricing guide and anti-competition rules as developed by Monitor Monitor Requirement by Financial reporting council When preparing and reporting financial statement, Caretech plc is required to comply with several reporting standard as contained in international financial reporting standard IFRS and UK GAAP.

These standard are meant to ensure accuracy, consistency, objectivity and transparency in management of financial resources 1. System refer to a set of procedure, polices and principle that guide how thing are done in an organization Glasgow Manager relies on system for monitoring and evaluating different activities with and organization For a healthcare provider like catetech, system to monitor and evaluate activities relating to financial transaction, medical treatment, social cares are needed. For the management of financial resources caretech plc requires several system including 1.

Financial Resources

Financial accounting system 2. Costs control and management system 3. Payment system among other Financial accounting system Financial accounting system refers to system designed to help manager monitor and evaluate all the financial transaction in the organization. According to Glasgow , successful organizations must have a sound financial accounting system as it help in keeping track of all income and expenses. As noted by this statement, the importance of financial accounting system can never be overlook.

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  5. Without proper financial accounting system, an organization may be losing money to untrustworthy employee or overspending without if realizing. Although financial accounting system is of much benefit to organization, running the system effectively requires competent workforce. Organization can therefore spend a lot of money on training and retraining staffs. Costs control and management system Caretech plc also needs a cost control and management system. This is a type of system which help the organization in identify, assigning and controlling cost in an organization. This system benefits an organization in several ways.

    Again, running the system require competent personnel Glasgow Conclusion From the discussion in this section, it can be concluded that for a healthcare organization to succeed in managing it financial resources effectively it has to put in place system do so. The systems should cover all the financial activities taking place in the organization including transaction, assets, capitalization, sale of assets etc.

    There are a number of income sources available for caretech plc and other similar organizations.

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    One of the sources of income is fees charged on clients. In , care tech generated income from four types of customers which are Adult Learning Disabilities which generated In additional to income for direct sales of services and good, caretech can also generate extra income from investment activities. Being registered as a limited company with share capital, the sale of equity to potential investor has be one of the major source of income for Caretech plc as shown in it balance. According to it balance, the company generated 8, from sale of ordinary share at premium price and 2,, at par value.

    For care tech plc the factors may i8ncludes Reputation — the reputation of an organization influences to a larger extent it ability to attract customer, investors and lender. When the reputation is very positive, the organization finds it easy to attract client meaning more revenue.

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    Equally, Good reputations also make it easy to attract equity and body investors as well as lender such as Bank Creditworthiness- according to businessdictonary. If an organization has history of defaulting on its financial obligation it makes it hard for it to attract lenders. On the other, an entity with good history of meeting it financial obligation easily attracts lender and donation. Size of the organizations- the size of an entity also influences the availability of resources.

    Organization with large balance sheet, can easily secure large amount of loan from lender as asset base is one of key consideration by lender. Equally, the size of an entity define it scope of offering services. A large organization can offer more services that a smaller one meaning more revenue.

    Introduction, Functions and Objectives of Financial Management Class XII Bussiness Studies by Dr H

    Government funding policies- for healthcare organization under NHS system, the government do fund them to enable offering of quality services. The amount available from government depends on the government policies. The policies can increase or decrease the amount allocated to healthcare sector including those for funding NHS organization. The availability of financial resources as discussed above is depended on several factors, both internal and external.

    The best thing is that majority of this factors can be easily controlled by the organization. For instance, organizations are responsible for their own reputation, creditworthiness. This therefore mean caretech can work on the entire controllable factors to ensure financial resources is easily available or accessible whenever need. For an entity like caretech plc, putting a budget in place is of key important as it help plan appropriately for income as well as expenditure to achieve financial effectiveness and efficiency.

    Budget always have two sides. One side explain how income and the estimate of income anticipated to be earned. The second side deal with how income will be spent. For an entity like caretech plc it is possible to find different type of budget.

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    Resources budget, explain how income will be spend on to acquires such resources. Human resources budget-manpower is the most essential assets of an organization. HR budget are developed to ensure entity get the best manpower. The budget cover cost such as training cost, payroll, selection and recruitment cost among other Marketing and communication budget- in most cases organization like caretech plc operates in a competitive environment. They therefore have to communicate and reached to their target customer.

    Marketing and communication budget make this possible by allocating financial resources to cover marketing cost such as advertisement cost, communication cost among other. When all this and others budget are consolidated they form the master budget. Master budget is one that covers all activities, in all unit of the organization Bryans 2.